Transportation that Changes Lives

MOVE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting the residents of Stanislaus County with transportation options to access the community. We empower people to improve their lives by finding the most appropriate mode of transportation for their needs. Our staff strives to promote mobility for individuals who face challenges because increased mobility supports greater independence and a higher quality of life. We offer a variety of programs to fit the diverse needs of our clients.



In 1979, California law established the concept of regional Consolidated Transportation Services Agencies (CTSA) in an effort to improve the coordination of various programs and funding sources that serve the transportation needs of older adults, people with disabilities, and low-income populations. The Stanislaus Council of Governments (StanCOG) designated MOVE as the CTSA for Stanislaus County and has been in operation since 2010. MOVE is staffed by seven employees and is funded by a combination of Local Transportation Funds (LTF), various competitive Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) grants and Measure L.



Accessing medical appointments, grocery stores, and social activities is difficult for many individuals who are unable to drive or use public transit. The BRIDGES Volunteer Driver Program is designed to provide a personalized service to individuals who fall between the cracks of traditional transportation. Eligible participants are able to schedule trips with their volunteer driver at their convenience. MOVE provides participants with mileage reimbursement to pay their driver for qualified trips.

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To learn more about the Eligibility Program, click here.



Riding the bus is a fun and affordable way to travel within the community! MOVE’s free Travel Training program will equip you with the skills you need to independently ride the various public transit systems throughout Stanislaus County. Our professional Travel Trainers provide one-on-one and small group training.

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The VetsVan program is available to homebound Veterans who have no other way to get to medical appointments in Modesto, Livermore and Palo Alto. Our staff will schedule your ride on one of two wheelchair accessible vans driven by volunteers.

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Organizations that are interested in providing transportation to senior citizens and individuals with disabilities may be eligible to apply for Federal grant funding. The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) administered 5310 program provides capital and operating dollars for programs that enhance transportation for senior citizens and individuals with disabilities. Applying for Federal grants can be a daunting task, and that’s why we’re here to help! Our experienced staff is available to assist organizations in preparing grant applications.



MOVE staff partners with transportation providers and human services agencies throughout Stanislaus County to connect people with innovative transportation options. We can be found at events throughout the community, presenting information about our programs and sharing our extensive knowledge about the four Stanislaus public transit agencies – MAX, StaRT, CAT and BLST. MOVE also supports the local human service agencies by referring clients, coordinating services, and providing technical assistance.